Additional Service Charges Print

Please note: Prices shown are inclusive of GST.





Description Price
Additional disk space


Dial-up & ADSL account holders are normally allocated up to 30Mb of server disk space for storage of WWW pages and e-mail. Additional space is available for a fee.


$0.50 per 10 Mb,
per month.
Mailed invoice fee


We normally send invoices by email. If you require invoices sent by mail, a small fee applies to cover costs.


$2.20 per invoice
Overdue account fee


Applies monthly to services where payment is past due by more than 2 weeks and service is not suspended or cancelled


Inward cheque/direct debit dishonour fee


Applies where a customer's cheque payment or direct debit request is not honoured by their bank.


Additional e-mail accounts


Applies only beyond your account's standard allocation, typically 5


$1 per mailbox, per month


If you have questions about the charges, please call us on 1300 132351 or use one of our contact email addresses prior to sending your application.