Domain and Email Only Hosting Services Print

If you want a domain name for email, but you're not ready for a web site yet, this is the package for you. If you wish, it can be easily upgraded by adding web site hosting at a later date.


Promote your business through email addresses that reflect your business or service


Makes it easy for people to remember your email address as they associate your domain with your business name, and tell others of your company, products and services


Professional. In today's marketplace, relying on your ISP's domain, or worse - free email services - is detrimental to your business


Package Includes:

Provision of up to 10 email addresses
We can provide virus/spam filtered mailboxes which you can access through your existing ISP and email software, or from any Internet connected PC using our WebMail facility and a web browser. Alternatively, we can redirect the email to your existing mailbox


Additional email addresses (Optional, at extra cost)
You can upgrade or downgrade to suit your needs at any time in lots of 5 ($33 per annum) or 10 ($55 per annum)


FREE SPAM and VIRUS Filtering
When we provide the mailboxes for your service you get to take advantage of our "Best of Breed" SPAM filtering service, offering 99.5% detection rates with 0.5% false hit rates (typical). When mail is forwarded to another mailbox, only virus filtering can be provided.


 FREE Domain parking or URL forwarding
If you don't have a web site yet, we'll provide a "coming soon" page for you. Alternately, we can forward requests to another web site of your choice.


Technical Specification:

Provision of 2 DNS Servers (Required for hosting any domain)


Provision of Primary MX (Mail Exchanger) (Required to provide email service)


Optional: Provision of secondary MX Service (Where primary service is not provided by Virtual Access, and only if required - talk to us about this)


NO web hosting included in this package (except for domain parking/URL forwarding described above)


Package cost includes an allowance for up to TWO user-requested DNS changes per annum ONLY. Additional changes will be charged at our hourly consulting rate. (Most domains require no changes of this type)




$95 per annum plus domain license costs


or $49 per annum plus domain license costs for domain parking/web forwarding only (i.e. as above, but without email service)




To apply for a service, just complete the application form and return to us.


If you have already registered your domain name, you need the Hosting Migration form (105Kb, PDF)


If you have not yet registered your domain name, you need the  Hosting Application form (105Kb, PDF)


For advice or assistance, give us a call on 1300 132 351 to discuss your needs.