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How to upload your domain hosted web pages Print

(Note: These instructions DO NOT apply to our "FREE" web page hosting service. If you are NOT paying extra for special hosting services or domain hosting services, then these instructions will not apply. Instead, check out How to upload your web pages (FREE hosting facilities ONLY).


We get a lot of questions from customers wanting to upload their web pages to their Hosted Domain location. This page describes the basics involved. A separate, more detailed document covers several popular FTP programs (see below) in more detail.


Technical Information - For those of you who have done this before:


Host Name/Address For linux hosted web sites: upload.virtual.net.au
For windows hosted web sites: Use your web site address, starting with www.
Not sure which one is right for you?  Check your latest invoice, which will show what platform your service is on.
User ID Your User ID as per the security document supplied by Virtual Access
Password Your Password as per the security document supplied by Virtual Access
Remote Directory www


Important! - Security Details


Before uploading your content for the first time please make sure you have the security information for your hosted domain on hand before proceeding. If you are unable to locate this information please contact us on 1300 132 351. You must be able to quote your PIN code when calling.


Special Notes for Microsoft Frontpage Users ONLY:


If you plan on using Microsoft Frontpage, we highly recommend that you choose to have your site hosted on our Windows hosting platform, and that you ask us to enable to Frontpage server extensions for your site. With the server extensions enabled you obtain access to additional features in Frontpage. More important though, it makes publishing your site a breeze. You can publish to your web site knowing only the site's address and your username and password.


If you are using Frontpage with our linux server platform, or don't have the server extensions enabled, Frontpage will try to publish your site using FTP. As Microsoft Frontpage does not allow for a separate location to specify the Remote Directory you need to add this to the end of your Host Name/Address eg:


So the entry you make into Frontpage's host address field would actually look something ilke this: www.yourdomain.com/www


Uploading Your Files - For everyone else:


Pages are "uploaded" (sent to) our servers using FTP. FTP is the File Transfer Protocol, the technical name for how your software communicates with our server while transfering the files that make up the content of your web site.


If you're not familiar with FTP, it can be daunting. To make the job easier, we recommend uploading your creations using an FTP "client". An FTP client is simply a software program that makes using FTP easier. Common examples of such programs are FILEZILLA and WS_FTP (you can get FILEZILLA and WS_FTP along with a number of other FTP clients from web sites like TUCOWS or SOURCEFORGE).


If you would like to see some example screen shots of the configuration for WS_FTP and FILEZILLA, click here.


After uploading, your web pages will be online at http://www.yourdomain.com (where yourdomain.com is the Hostname as above). For example: our domain is virtual.net.au so our web pages will be at http://www.virtual.net.au


Please note that if you have just updated your pages, the changes may not appear to happen straight away. This is because sometimes you'll be looking at "cached" content. Remember to clear any disk or memory caches that your Web Browser may be using, as these may retain the old version of the information.


Now, if you try this and can't make it work, call us on 1300 132351 and we'll help you out!