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HOW-TO: Basic ADSL Troubleshooting Print

Many apparent problems with ADSL services can be fixed by trying a few simple techniques. We recommend that you try these BEFORE calling us for assistance, as these are the first things we'll ask you to try in most cases!



    Power Cycle the Modem/Router (Ethernet connected modem/routers only)
    Simply turn off the modem and wait 5 seconds and then turn it back on. It will normally take 30 seconds to a minute to reconnect properly.



    Restart your PC (Which also resets a USB modem if you have one)
    While it may sound linke a very simple thing to do, you'd be AMAZED at what this one step can fix!



    Make sure you have dial-tone on the telephone line
    Simply, if you have no dialtone, you should call your phone company.

    If your ADSL service shares your fax line, you could use the handset on the fax machine (or just pick up the line using the "hook" button or similar).



    Make sure that ALL of your telephones are filtered
    Every device that shares the telephone line with your ADSL service MUST have either a central or in-line filter installed for proper, reliable operation. Whenever you add a new phone or other device, you need to ensure that it is filtered. Don't forget to check for out-of-sight equipment like alarm system controllers.



    Check the modem's indicator lights
    Its a good idea to familiarise yourself with the normal "working" status of the modem, and note any anomalies as they may highlight the nature of the problem. In particular, if the sync (sometime called line, or dsl) light is flashing or not lit, check the phone line connections and filtering again). If this light is out, also remove any extension leads that are used to connect your ADSL modem to the phone line and re-test.



    Is it only Browsing or only E-Mail that is not working?
    If some services work, but others don't, the problem isn't with your ADSL service. Check for other causes, or note specific problem details before calling


If you have tried the previous steps and you still experience difficulties please contact the Help Desk 1300 132151.