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How to upload your web pages (FREE hosting facilities ONLY) Print

(Note: These instructions apply to our "FREE" web page hosting service.
If you are paying extra for special hosting services or domain hosting services, then these instructions will not apply. Details specific to your hosting service were provided to you by email when services were activated.)


We get a lot of questions from customers wanting to use their free web space to host their own web site or page. All dial-up customers are allocated space on our server which is shared between their mailbox and web pages.




Start using your FREE hosting today - It couldn't be easier. Your online FREE Hosting is configured automaticaly the first time you log in using the details below.


Pages are "uploaded" to our server using FTP. If you're not familiar with FTP, it can be daunting. To make the job easier, we recommend uploading your creations using an "FTP client" such as WS_FTP (you can get WS_FTP or a number of other FTP clients from places like TUCOWS).


Installing WS_FTP is simple. Just download the program, run it, and follow the prompts. When you run WS_FTP, it presents a dialog box titled "Session Properties". The first time you use WS_FTP, you will need to click the "New" button to create a new connection, and enter these details:


Name Any description you like
Host Name/Address www.virtual.net.au
User ID Your email user ID (not your account number - the first part of your email address, without the @virtual.net.au part)
Password Your email password
Save Password Check this box is you want WS_FTP to remember your password for next time.
Remote Directory /web
Local directory Set this to where you store your web pages on your computer


After you have entered these details, click the "Save" button and WS_FTP will store the details for next time. Just recall the profile using the "Profile name" box.


When you hit "OK", WS_FTP will connect to our server. You will be shown two directory listings. The left hand side shows the contents of your hard disk directory, while the right hand side shows the contents of your directory on our server. To transfer the files from your computer, highlight them, and then click on the arrow pointing to the right (between the two windows). You can highlight multiple files for transfer at once. When the transfer is done, just click "exit".


Your web pages are now online at http://www.virtual.net.au/~userID (where userID is your email ID as above). For example, if your email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , your web pages will be at http://www.virtual.net.au/~fred.


Please note that if you have just updated your pages, the changes may not appear to happen straight away. This is because sometimes you'll be looking at "cached" content. Remember to clear any disk or memory caches that your Web Browser may be using, as these may retain the old version of the information.


Now, if you try this and can't make it work, call us on 1300 132351 and we'll help you out!