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Virtual Access Support Policy Print



Virtual Access provides a technical support service in respect of it's Internet services.




Support is available by email or telephone. Because it is often not possible to diganose a problem from details in a single email message, we prefer that you call us for assistance on 1300 132351. The help desk operates between 8:00 AM and Midnight Monday-Friday and between 10:00 AM and Midnight on weekends & Victorian Public Holidays. The help desk is closed on Christmas Day & Good Friday.  An answering service is available after hours to allow customers to leave a message for a return call when the help desk re-opens.  The answering service is also used when no operator is available to accept a new call, to avoid the need to call queuing.


Email requests should be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Email requests will receive a response generally within 24 - 48 hours.


Access to Service


Service will only be provided to customers who can provide our Customer Service Representative with a valid account number or user ID, and the appropriate support PIN CODE. Without this information, no support will be offered. Customers must contact our accounts/sales office for re-issue of this information if it is lost.


Preparing to call for help


Prior to calling for assistance, customers should:

Consult appropriate reference materials - instruction sheets, online help files and support web sites provided by VA or other vendors.
Leave any appropriate error messages on screen, or if this is not practical, make detailed notes about the error(s) and the circumstances under which they occurred. (eg the actions that led to a particular message).
Place their telephone within reach of the computer. Calling from a location away from the computer makes support difficult or impossible. If a customer support call requires a customer to have access to their computer to assist in diagnosis, the customer will be asked to call back if their telephone is not within reach of the computer.
Ensure that their account number or username and the appropriate PIN CODE is available.


Failure to take these actions prior to calling may result in limited support being made available.


Limit of support


It is important to note that the VA help desk services are limited to the provision and operation of your Internet service. Where you query leads to issues better dealt with by other parties, we will endeavour to provide you with appropriate advice on how to obtain further assistance. This usually takes the form of a referral to your telephone company/hardware/software vendor/manufacturer's telephone or Internet based support facilities.


Support services provided by VA do not include training. If we determine that your Internet connection is operational, and that your need is for training, we will endeavour to provide you with a referral to the appropriate resources or companies/organisations who can better assist you.


Supported Environments


The VA help desk provides differing levels of service, depending on the operating environment of your computer. Specifically, recent versions of common programs are offered a higher level of support than we are able to offer for less common software or old software versions (which we can only provide with "best effort" support. As a guide, the following environments are considered "common":

Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/NT4/XP (Noting that both Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT4 are no longer supported by Microsoft, our ability to provide support for these platforms may also be restricted in future)
Mac OS 9, X
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later
Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express 6 or later
 Mozilla Firefox
 Mozilla Thunderbird


Customers are requested to use recent release versions of these environments to obtain our best support. Customers using old versions of software may be asked to upgrade in the course of fault diagnosis.


Where a customer computer is LAN connected, additional technical support issues are involved. The VA help desk will support these environments on a "best effort" basis, but may need to refer you to your LAN administrator for assistance. Specifically, please note that in a case where services can be demonstrated as operational at one networked PC, but not at another, we may elect to direct you to your own IT support personnel for assistance.




VA issues PIN CODES to new customers at the time of their connection. The initial PIN CODE is written inside the jacket of your installation CD. PIN CODES are used as a security measure to ensure that:


We only utilise our help desk resources in support of our customers
When we are speaking to you, we can divulge certain private information about your service, and,
That you are authorised to request certain changes to your account setup (eg access password changes, addition/deletion of features, etc).


Where a customer is unable to provide their PIN CODE to the Customer Service Representative, support will be withheld until customer details can be verified.


Customers can make alterations to their PIN CODES by contacting Virtual Access IN WRITING with their request. Such requests must be signed by the account holder specified on the service application form. PIN CODES can be numeric and contain 4 digits only.


Complaints & Feedback


If you feel that the support you receive from our help desk has not been up to your expectations, or below the standard set out in this policy guide, please ask for your call to be escalated to our Administration Office.