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Promoting your Business web site by Email Print

So, you've got a web site, and you proudly display it's address on all your ads, business cards, brochures and letterhead? Great! You realise of course that people who see that address may visit you once, and not come back?


We've talked before about the need to offer customers a reason to come back - perhaps some useful reference information or a tool that they can use over and over again. Maybe you are having a hard time figuring out what you can offer people.


Another method of getting repeat visitors is to REMIND them about your site. While traditional mail or fax-outs take hours to prepare and often cost a small fortune, an "e-mail-out" is easy to produce (no printing, folding or stuffing required!), cheap to do (no postage, paper, etc.), and because of the nature of the net tends to generate a quick response. Of course, there are pitfalls to consider as well.


Whatever you do, don't just go out and "buy a mailing list" - the response is likely to be adverse, rather than positive. While you might be able to buy a list, to use it represents bad netiquette (Internet etiquette). Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE) or "spam" is frowned upon by most Internet users, and sending it is forbidden under our Acceptable Use Policy, and is also a violation of Australian law.


The best way to build a mailing list is by using your own web site. Offer visitors the opportunity to leave their address to you to send them updates which may be of interest. After all, if people have been to your web site once, they probably have at least a passing interest in your business, right? As well, consider adding an "e-mail address" field on all your printed business forms (applications, order forms, response coupons, etc.) that gather customer data also.


When creating an "e-mail out", avoid the temptation of including too much information. Succinct, to-the-point e-mails are much more likely to generate a response. Treat your e-mail like you would a printed publication and limit the amount of detail you include as though it was costing you for each word you added!


Use the fact that you're writing an e-mail message to your advantage. Most of your readers will be using e-mail software that will allow them to click on web addresses or e-mail addresses in the message to go to specific web pages or send responses. You should include references to your web site or e-mail addresses in your message to encourage immediate results!


Finally, if you want to use e-mail lists on a regular basis, or perhaps establish large lists, we may be able to assist you by offering "server-based" mailing lists. These will allow your messages to be sent more efficiently, but their primary goal is to assist in list management.


By housing your list on our servers, users can automatically add or remove themselves from the list(s), removing the need for much of the manual management of your mailing list.


For help on e-mail, mailing lists and server-based lists, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .