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Should I Keep my Email on the Server? Print

Almost every e-mail program has this option, but have you ever wondered what it means?


An Internet e-mail server acts a bit like a traditional Post Office with lots of Post Office Boxes. Your e-mail arrives and is sorted electronically, and placed in your mailbox. When you come to collect your mail, you present your "Box Number" (e-mail address) and "Key" (password). If you've got them right, you get to collect your mail. Under normal circumstances, your e-mail program automatically deletes your mail from our server once it's been collected - just like you removed it from your "Post Office Box".


Like a regular PO Box, your e-mail account has a limited capacity, so removing your mail once you've collected it is a good idea. You can have your program leave the mail behind though, using the "Leave mail on server" option. This is a bit like going to the post office, reading your mail, and putting it all back in the box when you're done! What happens when your PO Box gets full?


Once your Virtual Access mailbox is "full", any new e-mail messages received for you will be returned to the sender with a note explaining that there's a problem with your mailbox. Most often, e-mail correspondents will have no other way of contacting you, so the matter will rest there.


We recommend that you do NOT use the "Keep mail on server" option to ensure that you can always receive more e-mail.