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Importing Webmail contacts into Surgeweb Print

On 19 October 2013, Virtual Access upgraded the Webmail web-based email service to a new version, now called SurgeWeb.  As a side-effect of this upgrade, webmail contacts need to be manually imported to SurgeWeb.  To import your webmail contacts, follow these simple steps:


1. From the Virtual Access home page (http://www.virtual.net.au), select "My Mailbox" from the top right hand side of the screen and login to surgeweb with your email address and password


2. Look for and click on the contacts option at the bottom left corner of the screen:


 Contacts link


3.  Look now for a pull down menu near the top of the window. Select the "Import..." option form this menu as shown:


Drop-down menu showing Import... option


4. Select "Webmail Addresses" in the contact import window, then select your desired options.


Surgeweb contacts import screen


If you need to, you can repeat this process as required.