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2005-01-23 New ADSL service plans Print

Virtual Access is pleased to announce details of our latest ADSL broadband service plans. The new "Mk 3" plans are our cheapest and most flexible plans to date, reflecting our ongoing committment to provide quality services that represent excellent value for money.


Key changes in these new plans include:


  • Prices reduced on almost all plans

  • Easier to understand usage limits (No peak/off-peak periods)

  • Flat-Rate and "shaped" plan usage is now calculated on a 30-day rolling basis, meaning that if your service is slowed down, it doesn't have to stay that way until the end of the month

  • More flexibility in service plan changes. For example, ADSLsurf Mk 3 services permit two FREE plan changes per year.

  • 24-month contracts now available, allowing you to spread setup fees and hardware costs over the contract term, interest free! (Our 6 month contracts are still available also)


And we've kept the best of the features unchanged:


  • Generous usage limits

  • We still meter DOWNLOADS ONLY, with your choice of "flat rate" or "always fast" charging on most plans

  • For plans where excess fees can apply, these remain at a LOW rate - 1.1 cents/Mb across the board on surf plans. That's over 90% cheaper than some competitors rates!

  • Dial-up access at our lowest hourly rate ($0.33/Hr) is still included in all ADSL plans with no monthly fees

  • Every service includes up to 5 virus and spam filtered email addresses

  • Every service provides optional free web site hosting

  • Telephone support from 8AM until Midnight, 7 days a week


For more information, please see http://www.virtual.net.au/goto.php?page=dslinfo


For existing ADSLplus customers - our business grade plans are currently under review, but remain unchanged at this time.


For existing ADSLsurf, ADSLbudget or ADSLflatrate customers - Because these new plans do not match previous offerings on a feature-for-feature basis, we cannot automatically apply them to your existing services. If you're an existing Virtual Access ADSLsurf or ADSLbuget customer and you're out of contract:


  1. Head on over to "My Account" at http://www.virtual.net.au. Login, then select "Monthly Usage" from the menu to check your recent service history, then,

  2. Download and print the Plan change request form (you will find it on the usage screen). Use the information on the Monthly Usage screen to help you choose the best plan for your needs

  3. Complete the details, then mail or fax to us for processing


Providing you are out of contract, and you agree to a new 6-month contract period, plan change fees are waived (except change of line speed fees if applicable). If you're not sure about your contract status, call us on 1300 132351 and select option 3.

Rush your plan change form to our office TODAY! Providing it reaches us prior to close of business this Thursday (27/1/05), and does not involve a line speed change, your plan change will take effect from 1/1/05!

If you prefer, as an existing ADSL broadband customer, you can remain on your current service plan, however we strongly advise you to take a look at the new plans - we're sure that they will save you money.