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If you have questions about a service, it's always best to ask before you buy.  We hope that this page answers your question, but if not, please email or call 1300 132351 for assistance.




Q: What speed can I expect my Virtual Access 3G service to operate at?

A: When downloading (receiving information), speeds between 512 Kbps and 1500 Kbps (1.5 Mbps) are typically achieved.  Speeds up to 3.6 Mbps may be achieved at times.  When uploading (sending) information, speeds will be typically 100 - 250 Kbps, up to a maximum of 384 Kbps at times.


Q: Is this speed guaranteed?

A: No. Because the speed of a mobile connection depends on a great number of factors including your location and network coverage, local network load, the performance of your computer, the number and type of programs running on your computer, and the loading and bandwidth availability of the Internet between you and any chosen Internet site, speed cannot be guaranteed.


Q: What is GPRS?  Is it relevant to this service?

A: GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is an older type of Internet connection, used on the GSM mobile network.  It is still in use, and in some areas the Virtual Access 3G modem will revert to using GPRS.  By default, this is used only as a last resort.  The speed of GPRS connections is typically 20 - 40 Kbps (to a maximum of around 50 Kbps) for downloads.  This is roughly equivalent to dial-up modem speeds.  It's better than no service at all, but not something you would wish to use for extended periods if possible.





Q: How can I check coverage for a particular location?

A: Visit http://www2.optus.com.au/ and consult the coverage maps.


Q: How can I check the coverage in a particular area?

A: The coverage map available via http://www2.optus.com.au provides general guidance in this regard.


Q: What happens if I find that the coverage does not meet my needs?

A: If, within 7 days of activating your Virtual Access 3G mobile broadband service you find that the coverage available to you does not meet your requirements, you should contact us to discuss canceling your service under our coverage guarantee.  This provides the option to terminate your service with minimal expense to you.  You will be required to pay for your SIM ($20), plus any fees applicable to your service plan for the time it has been activated, including any excess usage fees.  You will also need to return your USB modem (if applicable) to us in as-new condition.  Under the coverage guarantee, early termination fees do NOT apply.






Q: How do I check my service usage?

A: If you are directly connecting your USB modem to a PC or Mac, the wireless broadband software tracks and estimates your usage.


Virtual Access also provides usage alerts by email or SMS when your usage reaches 50%, 85% and 100% of your plan allowance in any month.


Q: What's a hard limit?

A: Hard limits are enforced by the network provider as a means of limiting any excess use charges you may receive, and to ensure the continuing quality of service to other customers.  The hard limit for our Mk3 services is 1Gb above the service plan allowance in any calendar month.  If you exceed the hard limit, your service is suspended until the start of the following month.  Virtual Access cannot reactivate your service under any circumstances prior to the start of the following month if you exceed the hard limit.





Q: I have lost my modem. What can I do?

A: Contact Virtual Access to arrange purchase of a replacement modem.  The cost will depend on your current minimum service period status, and whether you wish to enter into a new  minimum service period (if applicable).


Q: I have lost my SIM. What can I do?

A: You should contact Virtual Access immediately to arrange cancellation of your old SIM.  A replacement SIM fee will apply.




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