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Virtual Access ADSL Setup Options Print


ADSLsurf setup options (Mk 7)



The following pricing is effective from April 26, 2012. All prices shown include GST.



Setup Costs & Contract Terms

No Minimum Service Period

12 Month Minimum Service Period

24 Month Minimum Service Period

Connection Only - You supply your own modem




Connection with 4-port Ethernet/wireless modem 




Churn of service from another ISP





FREIGHT is included in the prices above.


Microfilters ($10) and RJ11-605 adapters ($5) are available on request, and need to be ordered as required. Filters MUST be used on all telephone devices sharing the line with your ADSL service.


Orders for filters only will attract a $10 postage/handling fee. 



More information? Download our:

Application form (PDF, Approx 500Kb) 
Churn authorisation form (PDF, Approx 90Kb)
Plan change request form for existing customers (PDF, Approx 80Kb)
Address change/Service relocation form for existing customers
(PDF, Approx 120Kb)