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ADSLsurf (Mk 7)



The following pricing is effective from April 26, 2012. All prices shown include GST.


Each telephone exchange falls into a particular region for our service delivery.  To find out which region your telephone exchange is in, and therefore which price applies to you, check your service availability by clicking here.



Service Region

Download Allowance

Monthly Plan Fee


Region 1 or 2



 (Minimum charge for 0 month contract: $158.90, 12 month contract: $777.80, 24 month contract: $1437.60)

Region 3



 (Minimum charge for 0 month contract: $173.90, 12 month contract: $957.80, 24 month contract: $1797.60)


About our plans:

- All plans are offered at ADSL2+ speed.  If ADSL2+ is not available in your area, ADSL1 8000/384 will generally be used,

- The theoretical maximum speed for an ADSL 2+ service is approximately 24000/1024Kbps.  Actual speed is affected by a number of factors such as length, configuration and quality of your telephone line; activity on telephone services sharing the same infrastructure as your own; electrical interference; the configuration of your computer hardware & software; Internet capacity between you and any destination service you are contacting.

- While we will use our best efforts to assist and advise you in relation to service speed issues, please note that due to restrictions imposed by our suppliers, we are unable to lodge network faults for speed problems on services which demonstrate speeds of 1500/256Kbps or better.  That is to say, the minimum acceptable speed on these plans is 1500/256Kbps.

- All plans are offered on a true unlimited basis with no excess fees or service shaping/capping (speed reduction).


For our Critical Information Summary for this service, click here.




More information? Download our:

Application form (PDF, Approx 500Kb) 
Churn authorisation form (PDF, Approx 90Kb)
Plan change request form for existing customers (PDF, Approx 80Kb)
Address change/Service relocation form for existing customers
(PDF, Approx 120Kb)