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Transferring Your Existing Hosting Print

Tired of your Existing Service Provider?


Not happy with your existing service provider?


Tired of hearing that your site is simply not accessible for whatever reason?


Constantly hearing from customers that they tried to send you an email but it bounced?



Don't put up with it any longer!


Virtual Access has the expertise that can assist you in the migration from your current hosting provider, so that there is no downtime and no interuption as far as existing and potential customers are concerned when they try to email or access your web site.


We offer very competitive rates for hosting, and if you're an existing Virtual Access customer for dial up or broadband we can normally consolidate all of your services onto a single account.


Virtual Access does more than simply provide some space on a server for your web site.


Services included in Virtual Access Hosting include:


Domain Management - You don't have to be concerned about hoax renewal letters
System Maintenance - You don't have to look after your own equipment or make sure communication links are constantly up, and hardware running correctly
7 days a week Help Desk Support
Technical Relationship Handling - We know that most of the time people outsource their web site development primarily because they simply lack the skills to do the task professionally. So we are always more than happy to talk nuts 'n bolts with your web designer and then take the time to explain things to you in simple to understand language


Virtual Access prides itself on being a caring service provider ensuring that everyone fully understands what is happening at all stages of the transfer process.


To apply for a service, just complete the application form and return to us.


If you have already registered your domain name, you need the Hosting Migration form (105Kb, PDF)


If you have not yet registered your domain name, you need the  Hosting Application form (105Kb, PDF)


For advice or assistance, give us a call on 1300 132 351 to discuss your needs.