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2008-03-05 Outage report - Vic/NSW ADSL Print

Virtual Access regrets to advise Victorian ADSL customers of an issue with an upstream provider which is causing problems with access to services.  This problem commenced at approximately 1:30AM on 5 March.

The issue has been reported to the carrier concerned.  We are advised that this has been resolved for the majority of Victorian customers.  Work was continuing to resolve this issue for the remaining customers at 5PM.

We also regret that our New South Wales customers were affected by an outage of ADSL services causing some customers to be unable to login to their ADSL services.  This fault appears to have started around 1PM on 5 March and was resolved at 1:45PM.  A further outage of around 20 minutes was experienced around 4:30PM, but was rectified in around 20 minutes.  All services in NSW are believed to be operational now.

The fault in NSW has been traced to faulty Telstra equipment.  Work is planned to replace this equipment overnight, but if possible it will be done sooner.  When it is replaced, customers will experience an outage of service for approximately 10-15 minutes. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by either of these faults, and remind our ADSL customers that backup dial-up services are available on all ADSL plans.  If you have urgent need for Internet access, we recommend that you use your dial-up modem to connect to this backup service.  Up to 10 hours usage in any calendar month is included at no charge with your ADSL service plan.

(All times quoted above are EDST)