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2007-05-03 New dial-up plans, benefits for ADSL users Print

Virtual Access is pleased to announce a revision to our dial-up service plans that even has benefits for our broadband ADSL customers!


For existing dial-up customers:

Before I get to the details, please be aware that for existing dial-up customers, your current plans remain unchanged (except for a new $16 monthly cap on excess use fees, which I'm sure you won't complain about!) unless you request to change service plan.  Please read on and consider our new plan, which will provide a lower cost service for most customers.

NEW: Flexi Dial plan

Effective immediately, the former 10, 30 & 150 hour plans are being replaced by our new "Flexi Dial" plan.  Flex Dial offers the following:


  • 10 hours of online time included in your monthly fee of $6.95
  • Extra online time is charged at $0.80 per hour, to a maximum of $16 per month
  • The maximum fee for Flexi Dial is $22.95 per month


Simply, flexi dial is cheap for low online time use, and offers a capped fee for higher use. Rather than selling you hours that you don't end up using, with Flexi Dial, you only pay for what you use!


Because of the variable amount that may be billed, Flexi Dial will be available for monthly invoicing only, with payment via credit card or direct debit.


NEW: Excess dial charges capped!


As a side-effect of introducing the new Flexi Dial plan, we are also happy to advise that customers on existing monthly dial up plans (10, 30 & 150 hour plans) will also benefit from the new $16 cap on excess use charges.

The same cap will also apply to our ADSL broadband customers who use the dial up service.  Every Virtual Access ADSL service is provisioned with a dial-up account for use away from home, or in case of service outages.  Up to 10 hours of online time per clendar month are free of charge, with extra hours at $0.33, now to a maximum of $16 per calendar month.


NEW: Lower price for permanent dial up

As part of this review in pricing, permanent dial-up services have reduced in price to $49.90 per month with no setup fee.  Permanent dial-up is ideal for anyone who needs dial-up access that can stay online without session limits.

UNCHANGED: Block time

For customers on our block time dial-up plan, there are no changes being made to this plan.  Please note that block time is now the best value plan below an average usage of 5 hours per month - so it may be time to review your plan selection.

So how do I find out more?

If you're keen to know more, you will find all of the plan details at http://www.virtual.net.au/goto.php?page=dialinfo

You can check your online time usage by visiting the MY ACCOUNT option at http://www.virtual.net.au and if you want to change service plans, please download and complete the plan change form.  You will find that at www.virtual.net.au/goto.php?page=forms

Questions?  Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1300 132351 and speak to our friendly staff for advice.