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2004-12-12 Monthly dial-up plan price drop Print
Dear Customer,


As promised, this month is going to prove to be a busy one for announcements from Virtual Access. Today I am pleased to bring you the second pricing announcement in as many weeks. Before I start though, let me clarify something from our previous message that has caused some confusion.

Our last announcement (Dec 4: New Domain Hosting Pricing) had NO IMPACT on dial-up service pricing. It was specifically related to domain and web site hosting services. The price increase mentioned in that announcement was in regard to web sites that we provide hosting services for, using a Windows server. This is completely different from Internet access on a Windows PC, and actually effects only a small percentage of the total number of web sites we host. Anyway, we apologise for any confusion.

Today's announcement however DOES impact on MONTHLY DIAL-UP PLANS!

If you're a monthly dial-up plan customer (billed monthly, quarterly, or annually), effective from your next invoice you will enjoy a price decrease on your usual service fee. The average decrease is around 9.3%. As there are no changes to the service itself, these savings are being passed on to all appropriate customers automatically.

Full service plan details including the new pricing are available at

Please note that there is NO CHANGE TO BLOCK TIME PLANS. The block time plan still represents great value for it's intended usage range of 6 hours or less a month. If you're on a block time plan and receiving an invoice from us more than about twice a year for your online time, you're on the wrong plan! Stay tuned for helpful information to assist in choosing service plans, and a tool to make changing your service plan easy - both are coming soon - or give us a call on 1300 132351 between 10AM and 6PM, Monday - Saturday, to talk about your service costs.

Finally, continuing our month of big announcements, we're planning something special for Wednesday. Don't forget to check your email!