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2004-03-26 Broadband ADSL update Print

Dear Customer,


I am pleased to advise that a review of ADSL service pricing has been completed, in light of recent changes at the wholesale level. The new pricing and service plan information is available for viewing online at http://www.virtual.net.au/goto.php?page=dslinfo


The key features of the new plans are:


* Regional pricing bands have been abolished, meaning huge price drops outside capital city areas


* Price reductions on most services and/or more generous data transfer allowances


* Excess download fee on new ADSLsurf plans PLUMMETS to just 1.1c per Mb !


* ADSLsurf now has an optional "safety net", guaranteeing a fixed monthly cost for your service with no excess usage charges


* Price reductions on ADSL modems - now from as low as $99 !


If you're already one of the many Virtual Access ADSL customers, we will contact you directly soon to let you know how and when these changes apply to your service.