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2006-06-22 Domain price reductions & hosting service upgrades Print

Virtual Access is pleased to announce enhancements to our domain/web hosting packages, as well as price reductions on domain licenses and renewals.


The changes are:


  • All packages (email-only, and web hosting on linux or windows) upgraded to include 10 email addresses (mailboxes with spam & virus filtering, or forwarders) as standard
  • Each email box includes up to 30Mb of storage which is not counted as part of the storage space allocated for web site content (150Mb on base packages)
  • Large reductions on Domain Name license/renewal fees with a further $10 discount when the domain being licensed or renewed is hosted by Virtual Access.


The new pricing for domain licenses will take effect from the next renewal for existing customers.


The additional mailbox allowances were added to existing customer accounts earlier this month. Where additional fees had been payable for extra mailboxes, these have been adjusted for future invoices where possible to take advantage of this additional benefit. In other words, if you no longer need to pay for extra mailboxes, the fees won't appear on your future invoices. Your number of allowed mailboxes remains unchanged.


Full details are available at http://www.virtual.net.au/goto.php?page=hosting including pricing, technical information and helpful explanations. If you have any questions, please drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it