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2004-11-24 Launch of new email lists Print

It's been far too long since we wrote to all of our customers - so long that for many of you, this will be the first time you've received an "announcement". The truth is that just like you, sometimes we find it a struggle to use the technology available. Maintaining and using large email distribution lists represents a special challenge, made more difficult in Australia with the advent of the "Spam Act".


I am pleased to announce today the re-launch of our "Announcements" email list. With this re-launch, we're also expanding the range of topics to be addressed in future by splitting the list into three.


Except where an alternate preference has been specified, all customers have been subscribed to all three lists at their nominated contact address. If we've recorded your preference incorrectly, we apologise -- but don't worry! Each message will contain a simple web link that can be used to change your preferences.


Briefly then, please allow me to introduce the lists and what you can expect on each:


1. Virtual Access Announcements


Highly recommended for ALL Virtual Access customers. We use this list ONLY to advise of new services, changes to services and other important information. As such, this list receives a very small number of messages - typically around one per month.


2. News & Insights


Virtual Access receives up-to-the-minute news and security information from around the Internet. We will seek to advise you of important information through this list. Expect 2-4 messages per month on average, focusing on viruses, security and opinions gathered from some of our favourite sources. Content on this list will be somewhat technical, but we'll do our best to tone it down where possible!


3. Tips & Teaching


Want to know more about your Internet connection and the services we provide? This list will serve to improve your knowledge to help you get more out of your online time. Typically this list will receive 1-2 messages per month and we'll do our best to avoid jargon where we can (or explain it where we can't!)


Thanks for reading this far. Please let me close with a couple of administrative notes:


* This message has been sent to you as a plain text message to ensure that everyone can read it. By default, we will send future messages in HTML format which will allow for better presentation. If you prefer plain text, or if you can't read the next announcement message (which should be in your mailbox in the next week or so), please see the bottom of this message for instructions, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can change the format for you. (If you don't know what we're talking about here, just let us know if you can't read the NEXT announcement and we'll fix it for you!)


* If you have extra Virtual Access email addresses, you will soon get an invitiation at each of them to join these lists. We're doing this so additional users on your service don't miss out on the opportunity to receive our informative emails. If you don't want to receive the messages at those addresses, just ignore the invitation.


We're looking forward to sharing information with you on a more regular basis in future. We also expect to have a number of special announcements to share before the end of the year - stay tuned!