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2004-05-09 "My Mailbox" access problems - revised Print
Thanks to assistance received from customers, we have been able to get to the bottom of a couple of problems effecting some of you when accessing the new "My Mailbox" functions. Here's what we've learned so far...


Problem #1 - Clicking "My Mailbox" opens a window but says the page cannot be displayed


My MailBox uses SSL encryption to secure the personal data being sent & received. The SSL certificate in use is recognised only by browsers released in the last few years. Older browsers that fail to recognise the certificate will either complain (then proceed anyway), or produce a "page cannot be displayed" error.


Additionally, the SSL support is limited to 128-bit encryption mode. Some old browsers only support 40-bit encryption.


As an example, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.01 or later is required to acknowledge the SSL certificate properly. Version 5.01 was available in both 40 and 128 bit security though. The earliest Internet Explorer version guaranteed to work in all circumstances is 5.5.


Resolution #1


These problems can be resolved by upgrading your web browser. For Netscape and Internet Explorer users, these will be free upgrades. Recent versions of both browsers are available on Virtual Access setup CDs, issued after June 2002. These CDs are distinctive due to their Orange coloured sleeve. To access the web browsers on the CD, look for the "Bonus software" item on it's menu.


If you don't have one of these CDs, we will send you one FREE OF CHARGE. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your account details. If we have previously provided one to you, we'll let you know - a replacement fee of $11 applies in this case.


If you prefer, you can always obtain current versions of these free browsers from the Internet. Download times vary from a few minutes on broadband services, up to about an hour and a half on a slow modem connection.



Problem #2 - Can log in to "My MailBox", but keep getting asked to log in again when selecting options


My MailBox uses cookies to manage logins. You may have cookie settings that stop the My MailBox session cookies from working.


Resolution #2a


Check your browser settings and adjust to permit session cookies, or to permit all cookies from mail.virtual.net.au (the server which hosts My MailBox). Contact the help desk on 1300 132351 if your require assistance.


Resolution #2b


We have found that for some reason, having the TLS encryption protocol enabled on some copies of Internet Explorer prevents the "Friends" screen from appearing. Disabling TLS seems to correct this problem. To disable TLS, open Internet Explorer, then select "Tools", "Internet Options". Go to the "Advanced" tab and scroll to the bottom of the list of available options. Turn off the "Use TLS 1.0" option and press OK.


Problem #3 - When I login to WebMail, the menu buttons at the top of the screen are missing


While we have now received additional information about this problem from customers, we are still unable to replicate it in our office. We are continuing to work on a proper solution, but in the interim can advice of a work-around.


The area at the top of the "WebMail" window should contain a toolbar-style menu. If it does not, place your mouse pointer in that vacant area of the window and click the right mouse button. A pop-up menu will appear. Selecting "refresh" from the menu should cause the toolbar to display.